U.S. ZIP codes and Mexican postal codes share a similar format. PCMSERVE.INI settings and an API are available to ensure the entered ZIP/postal code matches the desired location. Settings in the PCMSERVE.INI (found in the C:\Windows folder) are described below.  

Using the .INI Setting



The possible setting combinations are:

  • UseUSPostCodes=False and UseMexPostCodes=False – Defaults to the U.S. ZIP with no routing to Mexican postal codes.
  • UseUSPostCodes=True and UseMexPostCodes=False – Same as above.
  • UseUSPostCodes=True and UseMexPostCodes=True – Defaults to the U.S. ZIP, must pass an estados code to get Mexican location (e.g. “50510, EM”).
  • UseUSPostCodes=False and UseMexPostCodes=True – Only Mexican postal codes are available; in the U.S. only city-state pairs will be valid (e.g. “Chico, CA”).

Using the API

The PCMSZipCodeOption function can be used in the same way to select whether to use U.S. or Mexican postal codes. 

TIP: An API call overrides both the PCMSERVE.INI setting and the setting in the PC*MILER user interface (this is true for all APIs).