PC*MILER Connect users can generate safe and accurate routing that conforms to the requirements of a vehicle’s height, length, width and weight using the function PCMSSetVehicleConfig.

If a vehicle weight or height is entered, PC*MILER route calculations will take into account restrictions on roads and bridges. Vehicle dimensions are also checked against the threshold at which a truck becomes “oversized” and appropriate routing is generated.

PC*MILER also supports calculation of routes and toll costs for smaller vehicles (vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and automobiles that are classed less than 9,000 lbs./4,082 kgs).

Notes on the use of PCMSSetVehicleConfig

PCMSSetCalcType or PCMSSetCalcTypeEx should be called first to set the trip’s routing method. For example, if PCMSSetVehicleConfig is set for automobile routing but PCMSSetCalcType is called later to use Practical truck routing, truck routing will be run.

Every time the vehicle width is set to 102 in. or more, or the length to 49 ft. or more, or a Route Profile is selected that includes those dimensions or greater (such as the 53' Semitrailer or 28' Double Trailer profiles), the State + National Network routing option is set automatically. 

If you then set smaller vehicle dimensions, the State + National Network routing option will not be turned off automatically. You must manually undo these settings each time.