PC*MILER Connect allows you to enter Standard Point Location Codes (SPLCs) as stops. You can use a SPLC in any function that takes city/state or ZIP code as an argument. SPLCs can be six or nine digits. SPLC data used in PC*MILER products is owned, maintained and copyrighted by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association Inc. (An SPLC data add-on license is required.)

In order to differentiate a SPLC from a postal code, SPLCs must be entered with the prefix “splc”.  For example, if 111009 is a SPLC, you enter “splc111009” as a stop as shown in the sample code below.

PCMSCalcTrip (trip,“splc111009”, “MADAWASKA, ME”);
PCMSLookup(trip, “splc111009”, 1);