PC*MILER Connect can be used to build complex trips with multiple stops and various options. For example, you could generate two trips from New York to San Diego using different route options and then compare them.

To generate a trip with options:

  • First ask PC*MILER Connect for a new trip with PCMSNewTrip.
  • Set trip options
  • Call PCMSAddStop to add stops to a trip.
  • Call PCMSCalculate to compute the distance for the current trip using the trip’s current routing type.
  • When finished with the trip, you must call PCMSDeleteTrip to clean up the trip’s memory. (To optimize the performance of your application, you can also call PCMSClearStops to reuse a single trip created in the beginning of the program throughout its execution.) 

NOTE: Running more than about 300 trips (more or less, depending on how much memory each trip uses) simultaneously is not recommended.