int PCMSGetFuelProviders(PCMServerID serv, char *buffer, int bufSize)


PCMServerID serv – The PC*MILER server ID.

char* buffer – Empty string buffer that will be filled with a pipe (“|”) delimited list of fuel provider names that are currently supported.

int bufSize – The number of bytes in the buffer.


Gets a pipe (“|”) delimited list of fuel providers that can be used to filter calls to PCMSFindFuelStopsAlongRoute. This list will always contain at least one entry called “Other.” This is a generic entry that is used to represent any POI that is a known fuel stop but isn’t matched with a specific fuel provider in PC*MILER data.

Return Values 

A negative value indicates an error has occurred. Otherwise, the number of characters in the provided string buffer will be returned.

If the buffer passed in is NULL, the size of the buffer required to contain the data available will be returned.


Sample Code

char fuelProvider[1024];
int bufSize = 1024;
Trip trip = PCMSNewTrip(server);               
PCMSGetFuelProviders( server, fuelProvider, bufSize);
printf("PCMSGetFuelProviders: %s", fuelProvider);

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 29

Category: Find Places Along Route (FPAR)