int PCMSAnglicize(char *outBuf, char *inBuf)


char *outBuf – Buffer that will receive the anglicized string.

char *inBuf – Any input string that includes special characters.


Returns a string without special characters (such as an accent or cedilla). For example, if geocoding the address “Charny, QC; 1021 École” fails when adding it as a stop, this function should be used to sanitize the input. The function PCMSSetAnglicize can be used as a global setting that turns the automatic conversion of special characters on or off.

Return Values 

Success – Returns 0. No other return codes supplied; for success or failure the outBuf should be interrogated.

Sample Code 

char szAngledInput[BUFSIZ] = { 0 };
PCMSAnglicize(szAngledInput, ““Charny, QC; 1021 École”);         
PCMSAddStop(trip, szAngledInput);

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 28

Category: Trip Management