int PCMSCountryList (PCMServerID serv, const char *regionID)


PCMServerID serv – The PC*MILER server ID. 

const char *regionID – Available regions: AF (Africa), AS (Asia), EU (Europe), ME (Middle East), NA (North America), OC (Oceania), and SA (South America). (Regions outside of NA are only accessible with a PC*MILER Worldwide license.)


Returns the number of countries in the region entered. This total can then be used to iterate over using PCMSCountryListItem to find specific countries within the region.

Return Values

Standard returns

Sample Code 

int nCountries = PCMSCountryList(server, "NA");
for (int iCountry = 0; iCountry < nCountries; ++iCountry)
        PCMSCountryListItem(server, "NA", iCountry, buf, BUFLEN);
        printf("  %d) %s", iCountry, buf);

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 20

Category: Administration