Canadian and Mexican locations are specified using a province or estado abbreviation after the city name. If PC*MILER Worldwide or DTOD data is installed, you may specify a country outside of North America.

NOTE: The correct region must also be set in PC*MILER Connect. The default region is North America unless it is changed.

Countries outside of North America may be identified using: 

By default PC*MILER Worldwide accepts country abbreviations as FIPS codes. To use another country code format, you can set it in the PC*MILER user interface, under Application Settings > Worldwide. Alternatively, you can add a line to the PCMSERVE.INI file in the Options section. The .INI setting overrides whatever is set in PC*MILER.

For example:



Using postal codes

You can also specify a county when entering a stop with a postal code.

When you are using European postal codes, you need to enter a country abbreviation because the same postal code may exist in more than one country. Outside of the USA and Canada, a postal code is also often shared by a group of nearby towns, villages or neighborhoods, each with its own latitude/longitude. In order to route to a particular town, you must include the town name along with the postal code and country (for example, "22021 Visgnola, IT" instead of "22021, IT").