The PC*MILER Connect DLL is named PCMSRV32.DLL or PCMSRV64.DLL.* It can be called by any language that can call DLLs using the Pascal calling convention. Sample code is also provided with PC*MILER Connect to help show how to use many of the Connect APIs. Other tips:

  • We now recommend that you use trip-based APIs (e.g. PCMSNewTripWithRegion) instead of CalcDistance APIs.
  • Make sure your interface isn’t calling deprecated APIs – you can turn logging on to check this. 
  • Use the decimal degree latitude/longitude format with 6 digits after the decimal for improved routing accuracy. (For example,  45.606856 N, 122.766545 W.)
  • Use PCMSGetFmtMatch4 to get decimal degrees when validating addresses.
  • The above tips for lat/longs are a requirement for any product that is identifying a location for navigation in CoPilot Truck through Workflow or RouteSync.

*PCMSRV32.DLL and PCMSRV64.DLL are installed in the C:\Windows directory. Starting with version 32, backup copies are available in the C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\App folder. These files are titled PCMSRV32.DLL.32 and PCMSRV64.DLL.64.