//Sample snippet from C# ASP.NET Page
           //Create web Reference to  http://pcmiler.alk.com/apis/soap/v1.0/service.svc?wsdl
            Service service = new Service();   //Create Service Client
     //Set SOAPHeader value with API Key
        AuthHeader SOAPHeader = new AuthHeader()
                Authorization = apiKey,
                Date = DateTime.Now.ToString()
     service.AuthHeaderValue = SOAPHeader;
    //Set Data version here 18-Current - Multiple versions only available with Premium license
           RequestHeader header = new RequestHeader()
                DataVersion = dataVersion,
                RequestType = "GetReports"
     //Array of Report Routes - multiple reports require Premium license
            List<ReportRoute> rptRoutes = new List<ReportRoute>();
            ReportRoute rptRoute = new ReportRoute();
            rptRoute.Stops = new StopLocation[2];    //Array of 2 stops
            rptRoute.Stops[0] = new StopLocation();
      rptRoute.Options.HighwayOnly = highwayOnly.Checked;  //True /False
            rptRoute.Options.HighwayOnlySpecified = true;

            ReportRequest request = new ReportRequest()
                Header = header,
                Body = new ReportRequestBody()
     request.Body.ReportRoutes = rptRoutes.ToArray();                 
           //Call Web Server
            pcmiler.ReportResponse response = service.GetReports(request);
      //Get Mileage Report respone 
      MileageReport mrpt = (MileageReport)response.Body.Reports[0];
            //Get tot miles and time from mileage report
            totMiles.Text = mrpt.ReportLines[mrpt.ReportLines.Length - 1].TMiles;
            totTime.Text = mrpt.ReportLines[mrpt.ReportLines.Length - 1].THours;

This sample may use features that are only available in our Premium WebServices. Please refer to our Features page to confirm what feature level you currently subscribe to.