You need to use the CountryPostalCode field of LocationInputType to filter the results by country. If you only want U.S. ZIP Codes, you need to set that element to US. You also need to make sure that the GeoList element of GeoLocType is set to N; otherwise the filtering by country will be disabled.

The region needs to be set with applicable 2-digit region as well as city and state or ZIP Code. Also, if region is outside of North America, that requires a WorldWide Web Services account.



                    <StreetAddress xsi:nil="true" />




                  <Coords xsi:nil="true" />



If geocoding in the North America in Mexico, the countryPostalFilter needs to be set since US and Mexico have some overlapping zip codes.

Valid values are:

1.      US – When country is U.S.

2.      Mexico – When country is Mexico

3.      Both – First one found will be selected

Default is US.           

                    <StreetAddress xsi:nil="true" />          
                    <County xsi:nil="true" />
                    <Country xsi:nil="true" />
                    <SPLC xsi:nil="true" />