These instructions are for customers using the SOAP version of PC*MILER Web Services.

Steps to using Axis2 Code Generator Plugin for Eclipse

  1. Download Eclipse.
  2. Download Code Generator Wizard Guide for Eclipse Plug-in.
  3. Install the plug-in.
  4. In eclipse, Create New Java Project.
  5. Right click your newly created project and select New > Other > Axis2 Wizards > Axis2 Code Generator. Select Next.
  6. Select Generate Java source code from a WSDL file and Next.
  7. Paste the url to your WSDL and select Next. (See bottom of this article for attached WSDL.)
  8. Select Custom options in this screen or accept the defaults. This procedure has been tested using both default and custom options. Using the default ‘adb’ databinding and the ‘xmlbeans’ databinding name. Select Next.
  9. Select Browse and select a project on the current eclipse workspace.
    Click Browse. Select the root level of your project and select OK.
  10. Download Axis 2 libraries here:
  11. Extract the archive to C:\axis2-1.6.2
  12. Select Finish.
  13. Right Click your project and select Build Path > Add Library > User Library > Next.
  14. Click the User Libraries… button on the right.
  15. Click New. Name your library "axis2". Click OK.
  16. Browse to C:\axis2-1.6.2\lib. Control-A to select all and click Open.
  17. Click OK, and click Finish.
  18. Right click your project and select Refresh.
  19. (Optional) Using xmlbeans as your databinding, requires you to do the
    • Right click the resources directory under your project. Select Build Path > Configure Build Path > Add Class Folder 
    • Check off the resources folder and click OK, then click OK again.
  20. Create your test class with a main method and add your client code as show in the examples.