CoPilot Professional has two integration options, SDK and CPIK. Although their capabilities are similar, there are differences in how the two applications work. The integration option that best suits your needs will depend upon the requirements of your deployment.


The CoPilot Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a remote control model, with two separate applications communicating through a socket connection. The client application passes instructions and destinations to CoPilot, which returns callback notifications. A feature rich set of APIs allows for significant management and control over the CoPilot application. SDK is supported on Windows and Android.


The CoPilot Integration Kit (CPIK) is a plug-in model, with the CoPilot library embedded directly into the partner application. This creates an enhanced, single-application experience, and it prevents the driver from toggling between two applications. The on-screen user input is received and processed by the required application, but the integration app can control and overlay widgets on top of CoPilot. If you have questions about the best way to integrate CoPilot into your application, we highly recommend discussing the options directly with your Account Manager at Trimble MAPS. CPIK is supported on Android, iOS and React Native (CoPilot 10.14 and Higher).